One of the last remaining unimproved elements of the Presidio Bay Trail, the Battery East Overlook allows breathtaking views of the bridge, the bay and hills beyond. The interpretive signage connects the site with surrounding historic military locations visible throughout the bay. Echoing the aesthetic voice of existing park signage, the viewports made of Corten steel focus the viewer's gaze while preserving the overlooks panoramic views.


Battery East



Battery East, once an integral part of San Francisco Bay defense, is located on the coastal bluffs of the bay near the Golden Gate Bridge behind Fort Point. It was first built in the 1870’s due to advances in artillery during the civil war which proved that masonry forts such as Fort Point were unable to withstand bombardment by heavy ordinance. This led to innovative revisions in seacoast defense.

Battery East was the result of such innovation, and was completed during the Spanish-American War of 1898 with the installation of 8-inch Rodman cannons to protect the bay, and by extension the entire Pacific coast. Although no longer in use, Battery East’s earthen works built to protect the large Rodman guns are still visible as are the brick-lined magazines used to store ammunition.




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